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Drop Capacity That Scales

By combining live and drop freight into one powerful trailer network, our J.B. Hunt 360box® service offers more flexible drop capacity than ever before.


The Drop Advantage

Build a supply chain that creates value for your business through the power of J.B. Hunt 360box. By leveraging the 360box trailer network, you can:

  • Get access to 16,000+ company-owned 360box trailers and nearly one million trucks through the J.B. Hunt 360°® platform
  • Easily scale drop shipments based on your business needs
  • Pre-load trailers and schedule pick-ups at your convenience
  • Avoid power detention costs with drop-and-hook freight
  • Help drivers deliver more loads and drive fewer empty miles

One Network for
All Your Freight

The 360box trailer network is made up of a robust combination of live and drop freight. We leverage live loads to quickly move equipment into place for drop loads. The more customers and loads that are plugged into the network, the more powerful it becomes.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is 360box right for my business?

360box is perfect for businesses big and small looking for more flexibility and efficiency in their supply chain. With 360box, shippers get access to scalable, flexible drop capacity. J.B. Hunt has invested in thousands of 360box trailers to equip our customers with the capacity they need, when they need it.

What is drop freight?

A load is considered to be drop freight when a trailer is “dropped” off at the shipping or receiving location to be filled over a period of time. This provides the shipper flexibility in loading and unloading the trailer.

What is live freight?

Live freight is the way highway freight is traditionally moved. A driver arrives at the destination at a set appointment time and stays for the entirety of the loading or unloading process. This means that loading and unloading can only begin once the driver arrives and must be completed in a short time period.

How does 360box maximize capacity for my business?

When you integrate your live freight into the 360box trailer network, you could be feeding someone else’s drop capacity. At the same time, their drop capacity could be feeding your live trailer network. The more freight that is added into 360box, the faster we can turn trailers and free up capacity. With 360box, powered by J.B. Hunt 360, shippers get access to a combined total of nearly one million company-owned and third-party trucks.

How does 360box drive efficiency?

Because we combine our live and drop trailer networks, carriers spend more time hauling freight and less time moving empty trailers. The flexibility that 360box provides also allows shippers to take more time filling up containers. This means more trailers are shipped when completely full, maximizing efficiency and creating value.

How does 360box reduce my need for dock space?

Warehouses can easily become overcrowded, forcing freight to be moved out onto the docks while waiting for capacity. This means that inventory can be moved around several times before it is shipped. 360box provides you with flexible drop capacity you can fill or unload as needed, freeing up warehouse and dock space and reducing the number of times freight is moved.

How does a 360box give me flexibility in staffing?

With 360box, you no longer have to schedule shifts around a set appointment time with a carrier. 360box lets you be flexible in when you load and unload trailers so you can schedule shifts when it makes sense for your business.

How does 360box serve my customers better?

You can utilize 360box at customer receiving locations, meaning your customer can unload on their own timetable.

How large is the 360box trailer network?

J.B. Hunt has invested in 16,000+ trailers to build the 360box network and add capacity to the market. You also get access to a combined total of nearly one million company-owned and third-party trucks through J.B. Hunt 360.

How do I start using 360box?

To get started, request a quote here. One of our representatives will get in contact with you to take your shipping strategy to the next level!

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