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Global Forwarding and How it Can Help Your Business

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International shipping means cargo goes through a lot of obstacles between leaving the factory floor and arriving at your customer’s doorstep. With J.B. Hunt’s Global Forwarding service, we work to make sure your freight reaches its destination using the most efficient route possible. As an ocean freight forwarding company, we are able to manage more of your freight’s movement from locations in China, southeast Asia and Europe, and we can facilitate the seamless service, efficiency and visibility into the supply chain that you seek.

Read more about J.B. Hunt’s approach below.

What is Global Freight Forwarding?

Global Forwarding is the process by which international ocean cargo is transferred from the international supply chain to the domestic supply chain. J.B. Hunt’s Global Forwarding service helps your business move freight in the most efficient way, no matter your origin or port of entrance.

Here’s how our Global Forwarding process works:

Growing Transload Services  

In addition to our transload facilities in Southern California and New York/New Jersey, we opened a facility in Tacoma to serve the Pacific Northwest, as well as a cross-border transload facility near Laredo, Texas. We’ve also established operations in Savannah, Georgia, Houston, Texas and Norfolk, Virginia. With operations at seven of the largest ports of entry in the United States, and with our national highway and intermodal reach, we can continue to create value and add efficiency to your global supply chain as an ocean freight forwarding company.

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