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J.B. Hunt Creates Program to Help Customers be Carbon Neutral

Our CLEAN Transport Program Makes Sustainable Shipping Easy

We're proud of the many customers who have set sustainability goals, and we’ve worked hard to create solutions to help them achieve these targets. Successfully navigating the complexities of sustainable transportation helps reduce our customers’ carbon footprint, which means we’re able to reduce our own.

Our new CLEAN Transport® program provides intermodal customers with an easy and flexible method to acquire carbon offset credits equivalent to the emissions created by their shipments. Analysts calculate your impact and connect you with verified climate-protection projects so you can continue to focus on your business.

About Carbon Credits

Unfortunately, technology that would completely eliminate emissions in the commercial transportation sector is not widely available, financially viable or regulated. Capitalizing on verifiable high-quality carbon credits accelerates action to address climate change beyond the pace of developing technology and infrastructure. And for companies wanting to find the balance between their emissions and the amount removed from the atmosphere, also known as achieving net zero, carbon credits are a must.

Carbon offset credits offer an interim solution while technology works to help companies in the transportation industry reduce their emissions. Investing in verifiable carbon credits directly funds climate action and sustainable development, allowing companies to act rather than remain idle on their way to net zero.

We believe that carbon credits are supplemental to an organization’s climate strategy after thorough efforts have been made to mitigate emissions. It is important to recognize that a company’s priority should be finding long-term solutions that positively shift the trajectory of the industry. We’re pleased to offer the CLEAN Transport program in addition to our many other sustainable and efficient transportation solutions like:

About Carbon Offset Projects

Carbon credits are produced by a variety of activities, or projects, that reduce GHG emissions or increase carbon sequestration. These projects range in scale, location and scope. Eligible projects reduce or remove GHG emissions in one of three ways:

  1. Avoiding GHG emissions
  2. Removing emissions
  3. Capturing and sequestering emissions

Verifying carbon credits with recognized third-party organizations like American Carbon Registry, Verra, Gold Standard and Climate Action Reserve confirms that the emission reduction or removal was successful, and the intended environmental benefits were executed. To be verified, projects face a rigorous set of criteria and are reviewed by analysts from regulatory and standard-setting bodies. After a credit is purchased, it’s permanently retired so it can’t be reused.

How Does Our Carbon-Neutral Program Work?

To help our intermodal customers achieve their sustainability goals efficiently and with credibility, we’ve made it simple to get started.

For example, an intermodal customer identifies Lane A to B as their carbon-neutral lane. They move 500 loads in the quarter. At the end of the quarter, a third party verifies the amount of carbon emitted and the amount of carbon offsets needed to be neutral. J.B. Hunt then purchases carbon offset credits and passes on the charges to the customer. The customer receives and owns the certificates associated with carbon offsets. Although the program is now available only to intermodal customers, we expect to expand the program to additional customers in the future.

This program is also highly customizable. A customer can identify which shipments they’d like to be carbon-neutral or they can upload a lane file for our teams to analyze and make a recommendation. Then, they can select the carbon offset project type to support. Options include reforestation, forest management, regenerative agriculture or clean power generation. Lastly, the customer can then select which carbon registry they’d like to work with, including Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, Climate Action Reserve or American Carbon Registry.

Interested in how you can offset your supply chain emissions with intermodal carbon-neutral shipping? Talk to our team today at