About Us

CultCtr 1.25.20

There is something very unique about Cape Cod’s All Worn Out Jug Band.   In addition to being part of the “Post-Modern” Jug Band Movement, this group performs eclectic sets that include Jug Band classics interwoven with American roots music from traditional folk to Cajun, country and gospel.   As with many accomplished Jug Bands, you can expect to hear a washtub or doghouse bass, washboard, kazoos, whistles, and of course, a jug —  a full complement of strings including guitar, mandolin, ukulele, fiddle, banjo, and Dobro, and an occasional concertina.  Formed originally in 2000 to raise funds for Chatham’s Unitarian/Universalist Meeting House, The Band has been performing on Cape Cod since 2000 playing festivals and gigs from Falmouth to Provincetown to Nantucket.  Their 2008 CD’s songs have been played on WUMB (Boston), they’ve played live on WOMR (Provincetown), and, true to their Chatham roots, they have been a staple of that town’s 4th of July and First Night festivities for lo these many years.   The current lineup includes Gregory Baird,  Kevin Howard, John Kilroy, Mary Loebig, and Edmund Robinson — they bring a decidedly animated stage presence to performances that can have audiences dancing in the aisles by the encore.

Former Members:
Allen Brooks               Vocals
“Bud” Brown               Vocals, Trumpazoo, Washboard
Lary Chaplan              Violin
Andrew Davol             Tuba
Orie Fontaine              Guitar, Vocals
Jon Goward                  Vocals, Electric bass, Jug, Slide whistle, Washboard
Fred Jensen                  Washtub Bass, Kazoo, Bad jokes
Rev. Denis Meecham   Vocals, Percussion, Washboard, Guitar, Mandolin, Lap Steel
Linda Mercer               Vocals, Kazoo
John Randall                Drums
Phill Thompson           Banjo-uke, Whistles, Vocals
Edna Wayson               Harmonica

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