Listen — Our new CD “Still Kickin’!”

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The All Worn Out Jug Band — Still Kickin’:

1 Ring of Fire 2:28
[June Carter Cash, Merle Kilgore] Lead vocal: Kevin
2 Blues in the Bottle 3:58
[Trad.] Lead vocal: John
3 Old Dan Tucker 1:52
[Trad.] Lead vocal: Gregory
4 Five Foot Two 2:38
[Henderson, Lewis, Young] Lead Vocal: Edmund
Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
[Stept, Clare] Lead vocal: Gregory
5 Your Cheatin’ Heart 3:28
[Hank Williams] Lead vocal: Mary; Harmony vocals: Gregory
6 Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me 2:24
[Swanstone, McCarron, Morgan] Lead vocal: Edmund
7 Jug Band Blues 2:30
[Gregory Baird] Lead vocal: Gregory
8 Ukulele Lady 4:35
[Gus Kahn, Richard Whiting] Lead vocal: Gregory; High harmony: Kevin
9 Busted 3:24
[Harlan Howard] Lead Vocal: Mary
10 Cigarettes, Whiskey (and Wild, Wild Women) 2:39
[Tim Spencer] Lead Vocals: John/Kevin/Edmund/Gregory
11 One Meatball 3.52
[Hy Zaret, Lou Singer] Lead vocal: Edmund
12 Dark as a Dungeon 3:48
[Merle Travis] Lead vocal: Gregory
13 Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight 3:38
[Red River Dave McEnery] Lead vocal: John
14 All Worn Out 3:08
[Alex Robinson, Alex Hill] Lead vocal: Kevin
15 You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere 3:08
[Bob Dylan] Lead vocals: John/Kevin/Edmund/John



Tunes from our 2009 CD:

Jug Band Music  (Lead vocal:  Dennis Meacham)

Let the Mystery Be  (Lead vocal:  Dr. Bud Brown)

Ukulele Lady  (Lead vocal:  Jon Goward)

Ramblin’ Boy  (Lead vocal:  Phill Thompson)

Canary’s Rag  (Instrumental:  Written by Canary Burton  Recorded:  December 2011)

Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (Video: Featuring the late Phill Thompson)


2 responses to “Listen — Our new CD “Still Kickin’!”

  1. Patty Rodericks

    Do you have any CD ‘s for sale.
    Would love to have one for friends any family.

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